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Let Seven Three Distilling Co. be your personal bartender for Mardi Gras tailgates! Purchase your 2.5 gallon batches (with pourers for easy use) of our most famous cocktails to enjoy as your favorite krewes roll by. Call us at 504-265-8545 or email info@seventhreedistilling.com to place an order (at least 24 hours in advance) and let us do the pre-work so you can enjoy the parades!

You have to respect a neighborhood grounded by faith and fortitude like St. Roch. Founded around 1830 as Faubourg Franklin, it was soon a thriving area rich in Creole culture. But when yellow fever hit New Orleans hard in 1867, times were desperate.

Fervently seeking protection for his flock, local priest Rev. Peter Thevis prayed to St. Roch, Patron Saint of Good Health. When not a single parishioner perished, Rev. Thevis fulfilled his promise to build a shrine and a cemetery — and the community was reborn as St. Roch. We’re proud to honor this resilient neighborhood with our premium vodka that’s distilled five times and filtered five days. And while enjoying it certainly won’t guarantee your immortality, in this town we always believe in our Saints, right?

Try St. Roch chilled and neat or mix a nice vodka cocktail for you and your guests.

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Premium American Vodka

  • Alcohol by Volume 40%
  • Proof 80
  • Origin New Orleans, LA
  • Locally Blended

Tasting Notes

Creamy aroma with notes of cane. Soft, buttery mouthfeel. Hint of sweetness on the palate with a soft finish.

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