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Seven Three Distilling Company wishes you good health and good spirits through these unusual times. Effective Monday July 13th, we are suspending tastings at our distillery in accordance with state guidelines. We look forward to resuming tastings and tours down the line, but they are not available to schedule presently.

Please visit the same site for curbside pickup.

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Seven Three Specialties

Shy Chai $11

St. Roch Vodka. Chai Syrup. Carrot Juice. Tumeric.

Victorian Peach $11

St. Roch Vodka. Lemon. Rosemary. Big Easy Bucha two ways: Front Porch Peach Kombucha. Jazz Juice Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup

Cucumber Daisy $10

St. Roch Cucumber Vodka. Lime. Peach Shrub.

Couturie Forest $12

Gentilly Gin. Triple Sec. Orange Juice. Honey. Sage. Soda.

Summer Toddy $12

Gentilly Gin. Elderflower. Lemon. Simple. Jasmine Tea. El Guapo Cuban Bitters.

Unbeknownst to Carl $13

Barrel-Reserve Gentilly Gin. Amaretto. Simple. Lemon. Egg White. Nutmeg.

Dirty Thirty $12

Marigny Moonshine infused with Habanero. Peach Shrub. Lemon. Tamarind Soda.

Jazz, Baby

Black Pearl Rum. Amaro. Herbacious Syrup. Lime. Soda.

Rummy Alexander $12

Black Pearl Rum. Creme de Cacao. Cardamom Syrup. Cream.

Giggle Water $13

Black Pearl Rum. Bénédictine. Peychaud’s. Sage. Blackberries.

Underground Distiller $13

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Sweet Vermouth. Sage. Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup. Absinthe.

19th Amendment Mule $12

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Balsamic. Basil.Ginger Beer.

Smokey Johnson Old Fashioned $13

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Smoked Applewood. Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup. Angostura.

To-Go Specials

Sweet River Water small - $6 or large - $10

A lavender and thyme lemonade spiked with St. Roch Vodka.

Bee's Knees small - $6 or large - $10

Gentilly Gin with honey, lemon, and sage.

Shelter in Place small - $8 or large - $12

A fresh take on the Hurricane with Black Pearl Rum, house-grenadine, citrus, cranberry, and Carribbean spices.

Bloody Mary small - $8 or large - $12

A flavorful house-made mix kicked up with Cajun spices and St Roch Cucumber Vodka.

Spiked Iced Coffee small - $7 or large - $11

A bold cup of cold brew coffee with cream, sugar, and Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey.

Build Your Own Flight

St. Roch Vodka $3

A smooth vodka with a soft finish, and just a touch of sweetness.

St. Roch Cucumber Vodka $3

Infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and 100 pounds of fresh-peeled cucumber per batch.

Black Pearl Rum $3

A fruit-forward white rum distilled from A-Grade molasses.

Marigny Moonshine $4

We honor Louisiana’s proud tradition of moonshining with this potent, un-aged whiskey, distilled from locally sourced rice.

Gentilly Gin $3

Seventeen botanicals - including elderflower, persimmon, and green peppercorn - balance out this complex gin, inspired by remedies of Cajun folk healers.

Barrel-Reserve Gentilly Gin $4

Our Gentilly Gin takes on new life when rested in oak barrels, mellowing the botanicals while adding a new dimension of oakiness.

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey $4

Distilled from James Farms rice and a touch of honey malted barley, this exclusive 2-year whiskey boasts earthy notes of golden raisin and light cane syrup next to deep rice and oak notes.

House-Made Liqueurs $4

We’re always up to something. Ask about our current selection.

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