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Seven Three Specialties

Shy Chai $11

St. Roch Vodka. Chai Syrup. Carrot Juice. Tumeric.

Victorian Peach $11

St. Roch Vodka. Lemon. Rosemary. Big Easy Bucha two ways: Front Porch Peach Kombucha. Jazz Juice Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup

Cucumber Daisy $10

St. Roch Cucumber Vodka. Lime. Peach Shrub.

Couturie Forest $12

Gentilly Gin. Triple Sec. Orange Juice. Honey. Sage. Soda.

Summer Toddy $12

Gentilly Gin. Elderflower. Lemon. Simple. Jasmine Tea. El Guapo Cuban Bitters.

Unbeknownst to Carl $13

Barrel-Reserve Gentilly Gin. Amaretto. Simple. Lemon. Egg White. Nutmeg.

Dirty Thirty $12

Marigny Moonshine infused with Habanero. Peach Shrub. Lemon. Tamarind Soda.

Jazz, Baby

Black Pearl Rum. Amaro. Herbacious Syrup. Lime. Soda.

Rummy Alexander $12

Black Pearl Rum. Creme de Cacao. Cardamom Syrup. Cream.

Giggle Water $13

Black Pearl Rum. Bénédictine. Peychaud’s. Sage. Blackberries.

Underground Distiller $13

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Sweet Vermouth. Sage. Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup. Absinthe.

19th Amendment Mule $12

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Balsamic. Basil.Ginger Beer.

Smokey Johnson Old Fashioned $13

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey. Smoked Applewood. Elderflower Kombucha Reduction Syrup. Angostura.

To-Go Specials

Sweet River Water small - $6 or large - $10

A lavender and thyme lemonade spiked with St. Roch Vodka.

Bee's Knees small - $6 or large - $10

Gentilly Gin with honey, lemon, and sage.

Shelter in Place small - $8 or large - $12

A fresh take on the Hurricane with Black Pearl Rum, house-grenadine, citrus, cranberry, and Carribbean spices.

Bloody Mary small - $8 or large - $12

A flavorful house-made mix kicked up with Cajun spices and St Roch Cucumber Vodka.

Spiked Iced Coffee small - $7 or large - $11

A bold cup of cold brew coffee with cream, sugar, and Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey.

Build Your Own Flight

St. Roch Vodka $3

A smooth vodka with a soft finish, and just a touch of sweetness.

St. Roch Cucumber Vodka $3

Infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and 100 pounds of fresh-peeled cucumber per batch.

Black Pearl Rum $3

A fruit-forward white rum distilled from A-Grade molasses.

Marigny Moonshine $4

We honor Louisiana’s proud tradition of moonshining with this potent, un-aged whiskey, distilled from locally sourced rice.

Gentilly Gin $3

Seventeen botanicals - including elderflower, persimmon, and green peppercorn - balance out this complex gin, inspired by remedies of Cajun folk healers.

Barrel-Reserve Gentilly Gin $4

Our Gentilly Gin takes on new life when rested in oak barrels, mellowing the botanicals while adding a new dimension of oakiness.

Tremé Alchemy Rice Whiskey $4

Distilled from James Farms rice and a touch of honey malted barley, this exclusive 2-year whiskey boasts earthy notes of golden raisin and light cane syrup next to deep rice and oak notes.

House-Made Liqueurs $4

We’re always up to something. Ask about our current selection.

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